Insurance Tips

Insurance Tips for Roofing Insurance Claims

High winds, hail storms and other acts of Mother Nature may lead to dealing with your insurance company. Most likely, you will be making a claim because of damages related to your roof. All you will be asking from your insurance company is to pay you the full and fair value for your loss. You can greatly increase your chances of obtaining a fair settlement for your roofing repairs if you follow some basic guidelines when communicating with insurance companies. The tips in this section will help you establish and negotiate your claim.


Insurance Claim Processing Checklist

  1. Call your insurance agent or catastrophe office and file a claim for the storm related property damage to your home.
    Note* Please check with one of our sales members for the date of storm if you do not know when the damage occurred.
  2. Ask your insurance agent or representative for your claim number.
  3. Request that the agent or representative have the insurance adjuster assigned to your claim contact Texas Traditions or yourself, so that we may arrange to be present during the initial inspection.
  4. When contacted by your insurance adjuster, request a firm date & exact time that he or she will be conducting their inspection. And once again let the adjuster know that you would like Texas Traditions to be present.
  5. Once you have your adjuster inspection date, time & claim number please contact and provide us with this information. When an appointment for your property inspection has been made, we will meet with your insurance adjuster to discuss the amount of damage. Once we are able to agree on the amount of damage, we will then prepare a scope of work and negotiate the price of repairs.
  6. Often times the first or even second insurance adjuster that inspects your property will deny the claim of any damage or pay a minimum repair.
  7. Do not be discouraged we handle these types of situations routinely and have many unique methods to handle these situations. A re-inspection may need to be called to get a second adjusters opinion.
  8. When your claim has been settled, you will receive from your insurance company an itemized estimate of repair allowance. It will have three price columns, RCV (replacement cash value), Depreciation and ACV (actual cash value). You will be issued your first check titled to you and your mortgage lender in the amount of the ACV estimate. An amount of recoverable depreciation will be withheld from this first check until you have incurred the cost of repairs and provide the insurance company with an invoice from Texas Traditions. At this time you will be entitled to the replacement cash value of your claim as listed in your insurance policy.

Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions you may have about your policy!