Cedar fencing design, quality, and options


Our standard cedar fences include:

  • Our fences are built with Wester Red Cedar.
  • Heavy gauge galvanized 2-3/8" steel posts, with rust resistant metal fittings set at least 30 inches deep in concrete
  • Quality cedar wood pickets are available in 6', 8' flat top and dog ear style
  • 2x4 pressure treated rails, 3 for 6', 4 for 8'
  • 1x4 trim along the top of the fence to provide a finished top
  • 2x6 pressure treated bottom board to protect and extend the life of fence

Premium options include:

  • 2x4 cedar rails, 3 for 6', 4 for 8'
  • Pre-staining of all wood
  • Decorative trim and accent pieces
  • Overlapping (board on board) for privacy

    * Additional options available per your
    specific design











Quality of Wood

No 2 and Better

At Texas Traditions, we use western red cedar No 2 and better. This is a high quality grade of wood. It is very durable and has a high resistance to decay and moisture, which makes it a great choice for our harsh north Texas weather. No 2 and better consists of a board with tight knots, no holes and one side could be no 1 quality.

Fencing Design

Board on Board

Board on board is when the fence pickets are overlapping which creates more privacy. This style also gives the fence a sturdier look because it has depth from having one board on top of another.

Side By Side

Side by side is a more traditional style where the fence boards are placed next to each other and nailed down. This style is more common, although it is not as private because of the small space between each board which is caused by natural drying of the wood.

Premier Options

Top Cap

The top cap is a 2” x 6” board that is added on top of the posts of a board on board fence that creates more depth and puts a nice finish to an already beautiful fence.


The trim is a 1” x 4” board that is placed under the top cap to add a nice decorative “trim” and a clean finished edge.